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Our Estate Administration Practice

After the death of a loved one, the Probate & Family Court oversees the administration of the your lost loved one’s estate such as making payment of debts to creditors and distribution of any property and assets according to his or her Last Will. If there is no Will or Trust in place at the time of death, the estate must go through the Probate process according to Massachusetts General Laws, which means Massachusetts law determines through the probate process how the decedent’s assets will be distributed. If you have been named personal representative or need access to loved ones assets, we can help you navigate the difficult process of Probate in Massachusetts.

Some of the most common problems you will face include the following:

Personal Representative

Our firm will work closely with the chosen person to be appointed as the Personal Representative to have them approved by the Court and begin the process of administering the decedent’s estate in Massachusetts. This will be required to access bank accounts and other assets of the decedent to begin to distribute assets and pay debts.

License to Sell

Our firm can work with the Personal Representative to have the property owned by the decedent at the time of their death properly sold.  In Massachusetts many real estate transactions of involving property owned at the time of their death by the decedent require the Court to approve the sale of real property.  Our firm can help facilitate these transactions guide the Personal Representative through the process.

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